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Daddy Up


No one said being a dad didn't include having a sense of humor, or even crass sarcasm, so here's some bathroom reading for you.

Family Is Manly

The Finer Aspects of Life That Will Teach You How to Be a Dad in This 21st Century World of Distraction and Craziness

Health & Looks

Every Man Should Have at Least a General Level of Good Health, Moderate Fitness, and Good Grooming. Learn the Basics Here

Like a Boss

Communicate Like a Boss – Learn how to influence, communicate, and take control of your and your families life while not worrying about being all up in your feelings and hiding behind bro shit, step up to the plate and learn & teach to communicate.

Intelligence = Sexy

Being informed doesn't mean being a dork. Surveys have proven that women actually find INTELLIGENCE to equate to read up!


Show some respect – stop with the anger and social shaming and realize we are all in this together (no assholes or online moms and enough with the toxic masculinity)