Looking for the best Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for that special woman in your life? We did the work for you and asked the experts. Read this guide to find creative and romantic gift ideas sure to please on Valentine’s Day.


What Should I Give Her for Valentine’s Day?

Instead of getting your lady some lame-ass chocolate or a sweater she doesn’t need or want, we decided to go to the experts. Because intelligence = sexy.

Here are the Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas from industry professional wives/moms that range from designers, photographer, actress, and a handful of the best Mommy Bloggers on the planet.

What more could you ask for that isn’t your actual woman whom you’re too afraid to ask yourself anyways?


Amy Woodford Honmyhr
Photographer, Woodford Sisters Photography

Amy Honmyhr understands the struggle of finding that perfect gift, not just because she’s a wife and mom, because as a professional photographer she had clients who were in search themselves for that meaningful present.

So she and her sister Allyssa started a new company called
The Locket Sisters.  They offer stunning, custom made, lockets where all you need to do is go to the site, pick a locket, upload the photograph you want inside, and they’ll perfectly resize and lacquer it into the locket to be shipped to the recipient.

With regards to her personally desired Valentine’s Day gift she told me, “The more personal the better.  For instance, I LOVE cookbooks.  I absolutely don’t NEED any more cookbooks and at this point it’s a splurge, so I would LOVE for my husband to get me a gift card to a bookstore or Amazon where I can go buy some cookbooks that I don’t need but enjoy so much!”


Abbi Crutchfield
Comedian, Actress

Longtime wife, noob of a mom, but lifetime comedian  Abbi Crutchfield gave us very safe yet sound advice. You can’t lose with dinner out together, a box of chocolates, and a bouquet of her favorite flowers. 

Abbi’s not a jewelry person, so she advised us to make sure you don’t go all out on something if the love of your life isn’t even going to be into it herself.

When it comes to the infamous back rub coupons, she said they never get properly honored in her house so a real, legit, gift certificate for a professional back or foot massage would be awesome and actually get cashed in!


Casey Smith
Designer, Wild Liberty Design Co.

Casey  broke it down quite simply. What she wants for Valentine’s Day is time. Just being relieved from the burden of having to plan something is a gift in itself. That includes finding a babysitter and choosing the wine.

She says dinner and a new movie is always welcomed but she doesn’t want to eat at a combo movie/dinner place. So take note, two birds with one stone isn’t a great foundation for a gift…even if it would make babysitting cheaper.

If a babysitter doesn’t work out, cook the kids dinner and get them settled, then cook her dinner and feed her wine.

With regards to want she wants from the kids (that you, dad, are in charge of) she says that homemade is the way to go.

Anything hand made at home. A card, a cake, whatever, just not an expensive piece of jewelry that, “the kids picked out.” When our kids are old and grown, the homemade memories will hang around in a drawer for them (and me!) to reminisce on many years down the road.


Jackie Ayres

For the mom of older kids, Jackie informed us that those types of mothers are tenured vets of the mom & marriage scene by this point.

Have you noticed her talking about some hobbies that she would like to get into such as yoga, dance lessons, or journaling? This type of comment or conversation should make your ears perk up and listen.

Getting her a gift card to somewhere that she can take a stab at her budding interest in salsa dancing or that hand lettering class is the perfect gift.  

She’ll be delighted that she gets to do something for herself and you will earn MAJOR points for listening. It’s a win-win!!


Pro Tip: Join her for the activity and make it a date night (double bonus points!!) and make it a home run by treating her to an online shopping spree at dyetology.com that will match the occasion.


Rachel Sobel
Whine & Cheez(its)

I’m going to just say what everyone is thinking: Valentine’s Day stresses me the eff out!

So. Much. Pressure. And everything from flowers to food basically quadruples in price overnight.

That being said, I still really want flowers and food. Because it’s Valentine’s Day, people. You can leave out the teddy bear or any stuffed animal though, because I’m 40, not 4.

The perfect Valentine’s Day for me would involve NOT being woken up by having my eyes (http://shopstyle.it/l/v61W) pried open by little hands or by my husband purposely making a little extra noise so that it appears I have awoken on my own,when really it was all staged to look that way.

Next I would love to be showered with caffeine and presents. What kind of presents?

I accept gift cards for things like foot massages, spa treatments, manicures/pedicures, facials (basically any place where I am guaranteed to be in a quiet room without anybody asking me for anything), my favorite retail spots, or my perfume (http://shopstyle.it/l/v61D).  

Really cute sunglasses are also a good gift (http://shopstyle.it/l/v7fk) or you can grab a classic pair of sneaks (http://shopstyle.it/l/v7gh).

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Her


If you want to go big you can also impress with something from LV (http://shopstyle.it/l/v7m0)

I don’t want to cook any food that day/night either. And I don’t even need to go out.

Going out to any meal with a baby is the absolute worst, and I have one of those, so if we’re not getting a sitter, just make me something that doesn’t resemble chicken nuggets and applesauce pouches and we’ll be good.

I hope everyone gets exactly what they want this Valentine’s Day!


Growing Up Glad Blog

Many think that Valentine’s Day is just a Hallmark holiday, but when you’re married with kids, life is busy and I think most moms/wives relish the idea of a day set aside as a reminder to let your spouse know how much they are loved and appreciated.

Yes, it should be every day and no, we shouldn’t need a holiday to tell us, but it exists so why not celebrate it? For us, when we were dating, it was definitely more of a big deal and a romantic gesture with dinner and gifts, but now, 15 years later and with 2 kids, it’s changed a bit.

We don’t typically exchange gifts, but we always do a little something festive.

My husband will get a plastic tablecloth and some themed paper plates and napkins and decorate the kitchen table.

He usually get a few balloons too and treats me and the girls to chocolate covered strawberries and flowers. It’s all set up when we wake up in the morning and the girls and I love it. It’s become our little tradition.

But in all honesty, you can’t beat a heartfelt message in a nice card which he does too.

2 easy gift ideas I would be happy to receive any day are:

Any items from Dogeared. All the jewelry comes with an inspirational note attached. They have so many little layering necklaces and women love the sentimental value that the items represent.

Guys, the card is attached, you just have to find one that would resonate your wife!  Some come in cute little gift boxes already.

All these items are hand-made in the USA and the company believes in giving back to important causes.

Prices average $40- Under $100!


And if you’re asking, I would never deny a gift set from Kendra Scott like this one here: https://rstyle.me/n/cwx2ihcefvx  

For just $85! They go with everything and it’s a no-brainer trying to match with your outfits.

Guys, your ladies can wear them day to night. We love items that are versatile! They are lightweight and comfortable to wear too. Also, they are great quality.

Whatever you decide, just put some thought into it and a little pre-planning. Believe me, we appreciate the effort! Good Luck!


Brooke Christian
Flirty Girl Guide

Editor’s Note: If you’re following the New Rules to Fatherhood, then you understand the importance of being a great lover.

The following are the perfect gifts to ensure that baby mama is perfectly happy after some satisfying sexy time.

In other words: This isn’t about getting laid. Well, it is about getting laid, but not until you man up and make sure she’s getting laid, too.

Crave Vesper: silver/rose gold/gold ($79/$79/$150) http://www.flirtygirlguide.com/

This is not only an INSANE vibrator (it’s for outside y’all, not inside) but it’s also a very wearable necklace! True story.

She can not only orgasm from it (lots and lots) but she can also wear it out to parties, date nights, etc and only the two of you will be in on the secret.

And what’s sexier than secrets? Not much.

Plus, it’s chic and beautiful so you’ll look like a class act too. Bonus.

Get her favorite metal so she can mix it in with her other necklaces. You can take credit for that one because trust me, you’ll get extra points for noticing.


Lorin Rodman
Styled as a Mother

So Valentine’s Day #truth. I know it’s not a major holiday but I want to be acknowledged and loved. So, yes, we are exchanging gifts.

Below are some gifts I would be over the moon about!

For starters, statement earrings are my fave! These Kendra Scott beauties are from the new collection and stunning. http://shopstyle.it/l/vv8D

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Her

They are something I feel silly spending money on for myself, but would think about how much I loved my hubby every time I put them on!

Ok, this What I Love about you book would blow me the eff away. I keep giving my husband gifts like this, yet he’s not getting the hint that I would cherish something like this if it was given to me. http://shopstyle.it/l/vv9d

It shows so much thought and time was put into making me feel special! And it’s only $10, but absolutely priceless in my opinion.

Pretty Woman anyone? I think it would be so cool if my guy bought me a dress (that I would actually wear in public) and said … “Let’s go, wear this!” And actually had a plan. http://shopstyle.it/l/vwbf

Like a cool dinner spot, show, etc. I would love to be totally left out of planning the plan.

Now, the practical gal. I adore flip flops. I wear them daily and these Melissa bow flip flops perfectly fit my style. http://shopstyle.it/l/vwbM

They are fun with cute detail.

This mama sports them from the beach to lunch.


Jen Schwartz
The Medicated Mommy

Alone Time
Do you know what every mom wants most? To be left alone.

Yes, she just wants a break from her little ones whining “Mommy, mommy, mommy” every 30 seconds and climbing all over her the minute she finishes folding laundry and sits down to have a minute for herself.

And yes, from you too dad. I’m not talking about the whole day (she still wants you to treat her to dinner and flowers), but for this Valentines Day, give her what she really wants: Some quality, quiet, relaxing time to herself.

So, in addition to the usual V-day plans, send her to the spa for a few hours.

Book her a massage and let her just chill with a glass of champagne and a good book with no one demanding to be fed or played with for a few hours.

A Babysitter
Dads, your other halves get really sick of always being the point person for childcare. So, on this

Valentines Day, surprise her by having the babysitter already booked.

Your wife doesn’t just want you to plan a romantic dinner out. Hell, she might not even care if you take her to Shake Shack rather than the five-star restaurant everyone else is going to.

You know the one—the one that has incredible food but for this night only, they have changed the menu and jacked up their prices.

Just arrange for the babysitter.

If you do this, it’s highly likely she will even let you have her for dessert when you get home from dinner. And a word of advice? Don’t wait until the last minute. Call that sitter now!

Did we miss anything? Chime in with your Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Her in the comments below.