Dads, listen up! You’re a parent, too, right? Sure, you didn’t just carry that bundle of [insert adjective here depending on what stage of parenthood you’re at] for 40 weeks (so fine, no push gift for you) but who says you don’t deserve something for all the shit you did and took on during that time and for the next lifetime you’re about to be subjected to?

Not only that, but think of the following items as tools. Tools to enhance your new life, tools to make this adventure survivable, tools to maintain your sanity longer than it’s shelf life, and tools for surviving fatherhood.

Which is why we at DaddyMindTricks put together a list of gadgets and gear that you’ll need that will actually do all of those things, and more, and we put them in our comprehensive guide to surviving the first few months, and/or years, of fatherhood (depending on how many of them you actually take advantage of will determine the amount of time survived). 

This guide also includes rules for achieving success as a father and a partner; quick and easy recipes so you don’t have to spend money on takeout; and even some quick and effective workouts to avoid that ridiculous “dadbod” we’ve all heard about. Best of all, this is absolutely free. Yes. FREE. Because we are rad and because you are awesome. Just enter your info below to access this free eBook.

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For everyone else who’s hesitant to grab the blood, sweat, and tears we call The New Dad’s ‘Survive This S#!T’ Handbook here are a few of those gadgets that will help you survive the baby apocalypse.

Manly Carryall – Your wife registered and got the diaper bag she wanted but what about you? Do you want to carry something that looks like a great place to store tampons? Of course not! So man up and tell her you’re getting a bag that will do the same job, while not looking like a unicorn took a rainbow-piss all over it, and that will still hold the essentials without needing to have a place for leaking nipple pads. Here are some suggestions.

DSLR Camera – Do you use a point-and-click or even a cell phone to take pictures of your baby? Well it’s time you join the big boy league with a DSLR. Why? Because the other types of cameras can’t take pictures at the exact second you may need to snap that shutter to catch the amazingness that is your kid’s first steps, or first bite of something sour, or anything else you’re going to regret not capturing. Here are some suggestions.

Shiatsu Neck Back Massager – I never knew what knots were when it came to my back and then I had a child and I learned all too well what they were. this little pit stop has been a blessing when it comes to getting me back on the racetrack and in the poll position. Get one here

– Not for the celebratory “It’s a boy” moment but for the “I need to unwind with a glass of bourbon” moment. ‘Nuff said.


These are just a snippet of the tools we recommend but now it’s your turn: what items do YOU use that help you through this thing called parenthood? Comment below and help a few first-time fathers out.

And again, to access this absolutely FREE eBook with tips, recipes, workouts and guides to daddy gadgets, enter your info below and be one of the survivors.