When you hear the term “spring cleaning” you might think about tackling dust and grime but in this day and age, where we accumulate stuff as if our societal status and health depends on it, we need to think bigger than airing out the house while we vacuum and scrub.

I went ahead and used examples from my personal, past and present, experiences so to help encourage you to take that leap of faith and not only “clean” out your house but find that place again that you fell in love with and made the biggest purchase of your life. Remember, you might think you have to do it all at once, or over one weekend, but you have all spring and its rainy-days to get it knocked out so that the stress of it is gone and all that is left is to play in the summer.

Busting at the Seams

Do you sometimes worry the garage or closet door won’t close properly? This scenario requires immediate attention before something, or someone, is broken. In this situation, and pretty much the rest below as well, remember you can always donate or sell items so that they get a new leash on life and perhaps you can get some cash in the pocket. If you donate, remember you can get a receipt that applies as a tax write-off. Perhaps you want that green in hand instead, so use eBay or Craisglist. We’ve even written How-To Tips and Tricks to Selling on eBay which is a handy primer to get started.

No Place Like Home

Do you have piles of things to put away that don’t actually have a home of its own? You need to either dedicate a place for each item to live or you need to toss, sell, or donate it. Two great resources to remedy any organizational woes are Pinterest.com and Ikea.com.

Garage Sailing

If you’ve said, or thought, several times that you need to have a garage sale, because you have a lot of things you don’t actually need that also hold value, then this is the time! Use this opportunity to not only lighten up your load but to teach your kids how to let go of things. On top of that, here’s the perfect chance to teach the art of selling and negotiating. Who knows, you may have the next Warren Buffett on your hands.

Hide and Don’t Seek

This Easter you had family over and not only did you hide eggs for the great hunt, you found yourself stashing a lot of random things in places no one would see and now that it’s out of the way the house feels clean…or does it? We all know you can still just feel it sitting in that place that it doesn’t belong, thus giving you no real relief from it. So do something about it! You’ll be happier you just went ahead and sucked it up and got it taken care of than if you didn’t.

Hoarding vs Collecting

If you have a lot of things that are similar, yet hold no real use or value, then you have what we call the ‘Hoarders Starter Kit’. Sure we like to call some things “collections” but there’s a real thin line between hoarding and collecting. We need to be honest with ourselves. That is if we want to avoid being on a reality show where our family tries to help yet distance themselves from our craziness.

Antique Homeshow

If you watch American Pickers or Antique Roadshow and you’re holding onto quite a few things that you think either hold sentimental or monetary value yet they don’t match your decor, no one in your family really wants them, and/or they weren’t passed down from a family member, then you probably need to make those items a thing of YOUR past.

More In, Than Out

And the most obvious way to know you need to do some heavy spring cleaning is…if more things are coming in to your house rather than going out of it.

Let us know in the comments below if you’re guilty of any of these or if you have any tips and tricks that can remedy this.