Not too long ago Ashton Kutcher took to Facebook to voice his annoyance at how, where he specifically lives, men’s bathrooms never have changing tables.  Now, I can already hear the many men and women saying, “they have one here [or there],” but that’s not the issue.  The issue here is that the amount of them compared to women’s restrooms is extremely disappointing.  And I know this because my wife has had to ultimately end up doing it for this very reason.  We, as fathers, are not getting enough credit for taking our kids to stores and restaurants on our own, without help, and even if our significant others were there we still share the responsibility.

I can’t tell you the amount of times I’ve been presented with the situation, when it was just me with my son, where I had no ideal solution when it came to changing a diaper without a diaper changing station available.  We can’t sit on the floor of the bathroom and change a diaper because what we all know, that women may not, is that there is piss all over the floors because apparently no man knows how to aim accurately.  I’m also not comfortable sitting on the floor outside the bathroom so everyone can see and smell my kid’s shit either.  If I have to go out to the car and do it, that would be doable, but that only works when it’s not winter.  So the only two options are to hurry through the store or put it out there in public for the world to see (and smell).

There are countless reasons being flung around, which most are straight up ridiculous and disrespectful, on why this problem persists but I’m going to tell you what it is. It’s not because men are perverts, it’s not because men don’t care to change diapers, it’s because of cost.  The cost to redo a small portion of the men’s restrooms, or add an entirely new family restroom, doesn’t make sense to retailers because it’s not in their budget and especially if it’s a major chain think about how much that adds up when you take the cost per bathroom and multiply it by the amount of stores.

If any men are out there thinking, “why would I want to create a situation where I’m giving myself more work and I’d have to change a diaper instead of my wife,” then you’re a part of the greater problem and you need to grow the fuck up and become a real man.

So, with that out of the way, we’re only being left with a couple solutions.  First, some California Legislators, with the help of the senate, passed Bill 1358 that says, “mandatory building standards for the installation of baby diaper changing accommodations in restroom facilities in places of public accommodation,” for both men and women.  Now, we could all go that route in our respective states, and that’d be great, but let’s be realistic, we won’t take it that far…yet.  The second solution, and more realistic, is to look at men’s bathrooms when you go out (whether you need to use it or not) and if they don’t have a diaper changing station, submit a complaint to the manager and to the owner or their corporate office.  I know it seems a little much but let’s get real, we need to make a point that we men are dads, first and foremost, and if this doesn’t do it, what will?  

On top of that, just know, most likely they’re probably not making the changes because of cost but if we’re being honest they think we men won’t complain and make a stink (pun intended) about it out of shame or embarrassment that we actually change diapers.  Let’s prove them wrong.  Who’s with me?