“Quit because your mommy blogs fucking suck.” – Josi Denise

Unfortunately mom blogs seem to view us dads and dad blogs as the Junior Varsity team while they sit up there feeling all high and mighty like they’re the varsity heavy hitters. Well we say, “Fuck that!”

You’re not allowed to say how we dads are crucial within the family structure, and how we need to step-up, yet in the same breath act like if moms want something done right they have to do it all themselves.

Finding good, quality, mommy blogs for dads who would not only find them interesting but actually get something useful, and of value, out of them is quite difficult.

Everywhere you turn is a mom telling us readers about her ‘busier-day-than-yours’ and how she attempted to accomplish it, all while doing it completely on her own because her husband (or partner) was off doing something less significant like providing for the family in one way or another. Because of this, we thought it was crucial to provide a little help and why it’s important to peruse these outlets. 

The following mom blogs go against that grain. They report on what they know, on what they enjoy, and all the while sharing a trusted female perspective on the things we dads are either going through or find relevant…and for that we say, “Thank you.”

Whine and Cheez (Its)

whine and cheez its mommy blogs for dads

What can we say, we’re a tad bit biased here because we find open, honest, semi-foul-mouthed (in the most loving sort of ways), no-bullshit parenting refreshing and at Whine and Cheez (Its) that’s exactly what you get from Rachel Sobel. So much so that we here at Daddy Mind Tricks teamed up with her to collaborate on the Parental Advisory Podcast and Yo! Momma because if someone if going to tell us dads how to handle sensitive boobs and sex after pregnancy…it’s her.

Not only all that but you can find her featured in the Huffington Post where she gives fresh perspectives and much needed insights into realities of parenting and marriage.

Rockin’ Random Mom

rockinrandommom mommy blogs for dads

Michelle describes herself as the “blogger who loves rock music, coffee, video games (and she’s legit because we’re Xbox friends and I see her on there often) and horror movies!” Hello guys, does it get any more awesome than that? Didn’t think so.

This Rockin’ Random Mom also shares unique perspectives on mental health, divorce, autism, and many more heavy, yet important, subjects that need discussed and breaks the mold of sweeping it under the rug or acting like life is rainbows and sprinkles.

Michelle has been featured in places like Jingle Jangle Jungle and in the book Lose the Cape: Never Will I Ever (and then I had Kids!). Go check her out!

Tech Savvy Mama

Tech Savvy mommy blogs for dads

This site is really, really informative. I mean, when it comes to technology, education, lifestyle, and reviews it’s really one of the top sites that any parent can relate to.

Leticia has regular columns on Parents.com, Babble Tech, Scholastic Parents, and LeapFrog. She has a background in classroom technology integration & school administration so she is a bonafide expert in her field and we dads can learn a lot…I mean a ton…from her.

There are sponsored posts on her site but she never seems to put her reputation on the line for the sake of the sponsor and keeps the readers best interest in mind. Let me tell you, that’s not the case on a lot of sites so appreciate it when you find it.

The Mommy Gamers

The Mommy Gamers mommy blogs for dads

These three moms are more than just mommy bloggers and podcasters…they’re huge gamers!

Through their podcast, and blog, Marcia, Desirai, and Carrie take you on their adventures into “gaming, trending topics, movies, television shows, books, really weird inventions [they] find, and so much more.”

So if you thought this was going to be some mommy site that tells you how to wipe your kids ass properly expect it only in the form of how to wipe the floor with your kids ass when you fire up Overwatch and play against them.

The nice part, like all the blogs we recommend, they don’t claim to be “experts on anything,” they just, “hope that you find [their] show informative [and] entertaining…” You can’t ask for more than that, can you?

Nerdy Mamma

Nerdy Mamma mommy blogs for dads

So there’s nothing I can say that Chantal hasn’t already said best to describe herself…so here you go, “Chantal is a nerd on a mission of mom-hood who wants to live in a world where unicorns are real, rainbows can be walked over, and the Stormtroopers never find those suspicious droids they were looking for.” That’s right, a mom who uses a Star Wars reference in her bio, you didn’t read that wrong.

This Nerdy Mamma has been featured on such sites as TotallytheBomb.com and TheAdultierAdult.com.

On top of all the nerd fun and parenting experiences, Chantal also provides life hacks, recipes, crafts that can add to your quality times, and blogging tips…so look at this as a great resource to when you need some quick ideas.

Here’s just our first list of Daddy Mind Tricks’ mommy blogs for dads. We hope to stumble upon more that are worth sharing so can add to this list in the future.