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exercise bike only

Something tells me that is more than the allotted portion.

I was a hypocrite and I knew it. I realized this more clearly when I would eat my Fruity Pebbles cereal in the only corner of the kitchen that my 3 year-old couldn’t see from the living room or dining room. Purposely I was trying to shield him from the guilty pleasure that was instilled in me in the 80’s, that somehow sugary cereals were part of some complete and balanced diet.

Decades later it’s pretty obvious how misinformed we were, especially since portion control was never a subject that came up or was even noticed until they forced nutrition fact labels to be on all products by 1994. None of that even mattered by then though because it was too late, I had found probably my favorite food of all time to this day, even though the repercussions of it was still with me from my youth.

Now, I can’t blame cereal for all of my current hypocriticalness, I also got bit by the video game bug in the 80’s and when you combine that with bowl after bowl of sugary goodness disguised in the form of a “healthy” food you get what I became…fat.

exercise bike only

So pretty.

After I had my son three years ago I knew I had several goals as his caretaker and some of those were to give him a fighting chance to not only be healthy but to also not be overweight and to limit screen-time as a distraction. That didn’t mean I wouldn’t let him play video games or eat cereal, as you can see in my tutorial on how to Build an Arcade Machine, I built an arcade just for the sole purpose of sharing that experience of gaming with him. It just meant there needed to be restrictions and portion control as the basis for it all.

However, when I was scooping spoonful after spoonful of that Flintstonian goodness into my face I realized I was guilty of exactly what I didn’t want for him. I also found myself binging on Netflix and playing video games for hours late at night while I ate snacks like it was the zombie apocalypse and I just happened upon a hidden stash. WHAT WAS I DOING?!?!

Lose My Dad Bod

I’ll tell you what I was doing, I was continuing to live the only way I knew how, that was instilled in me as a child of a single mother who worked her butt off, even though I knew there was a better solution out there. So was the only answer to quit gaming and eating cereal?! HELL NO!! Portion control and one HUGE key secret…an exercise bike.

See, I have tried many of those intense workouts that are out there but they all had one thing in common…they were not fun. As a fat guy who plays video games and eats kid cereals I obviously like to have fun so when I learned that losing weight wasn’t fun, I’d quit 100% of the time. That’s all changed now though. Just by getting on the exercise bike only and watching TV or playing video games as night I have started to watch the pounds shed right off.

Because I just started I don’t have any substantial before and after photos that will convince you how possible all this is yet but just know this, I only changed the portions, and added drinking more water, to my diet and integrated 60 minutes at night on the stationary bike while I watched TV or played video games (mostly Rocket League because it’s mindless and time flies) but in two months I’ve lost 20 lbs.

What Now?

I will say that I’ve stepped up a few things and challenged myself a bit more than since the initial loss, but that’s because when you see results and you like to play games with the difficulty setting on, you will find ways to life hack what you’re doing so that you progress to that next level.

If you have any doubts, questions, or just need to talk to someone about weight loss or nutrition please contact us at because between my personal experience and my blog partner, Pete, who is a certified personal trainer, one of us can surely help.

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I write this as a form of accountability. Not on my personal accountability so that I keep losing weight (clothes fitting better is the only incentive I need) but the accountability that if I don’t share this secret with other fathers in the same situation, then I’m being a hypocrite again. See, I expect my son to help others whenever he can and I need to lead by that same example.