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If you haven’t already heard, Ryan Reynolds is apparently the worst father ever…at least according to social media. What for you ask? Well this picture…

No, not because he’s too sexy for that picture. No, not because he’s obviously happy to be a dad and spending time with his daughter on Father’s Day.  No, not because his daughter’s name is James (which some people have criticised him for). But because he obviously doesn’t love his daughter enough to learn how to carry her properly.

When Blake Lively Instagramed that picture it opened a flood gate of comments telling them they were…well I’ll let you read a couple of the quotes yourself:

[pullquote] Incorrectly, and unsafely babywearing is not cute…it just makes you look like a fool who doesn’t read the manual. –melindalw143[/pullquote]

[pullquote] Are these people really that stupid? Feel so sorry for that baby! -Chantelkj88                                          [/pullquote]

And the most popular of comments goes to the one who was reported to have said:

[pullquote] Please read your baby product manuals with as much detail as you read a script.                                [/pullquote]

Let’s first set things straight, you probably don’t have to feel bad for that baby as something tells me she has a pretty good head start in life but more importantly, yes, Ryan Reynolds was not using the baby carrier correctly and admitted so yesterday on the Today Show. On top of that, helpful advice is always ok to offer but personally criticizing and demeaning someone, especially a new parent who is trying to learn as they go, about how they are as parents (and fellow human beings) is not needed in this world.

If you want to be Social Justice or Keyboard Warriors then do what we did here at DaddyMindTricks and start your own blog.  You can go ahead and invite anyone who is interested in your negative rhetoric to read your mean spirited articles and cruel thinking but directing those thoughts at people personally and in a public forum on social media is uncalled for.  At that point you are nothing but a cyber bully and a coward who needs to learn, regardless of religious beliefs, how to, “love thy neighbor.”

This all goes back to one of our core principles outlined in our article titled The New Dad Order where number 9 says, “Show Some Respect”.