Get hyped, fam. DaddyMindTricks is now part of a regular parenting podcast.

That’s right. You get all of the awesome, unfiltered, raw, take-no-prisoners ridiculousness from both Mark and Pete via an all-inclusive podcast. We’ve teamed up with Rachel Sobel of our favorite mom blog, to bring all kinds of hilarity and humility.

It’s news that we’ve have been sitting on, literally for months. We would have launched this endeavor sooner but with three parents living in three different states having kids with incessant fevers, snotty episodes and other parenting shit … we had some full plates over here.

You have probably witnessed the little social media lovefests between Daddy Mind Tricks and Whine & Cheez(its), but you need to know that love is strong and real.

Even more real than JoJo and Jordan (that’s a reference to the hit reality show, The Bachelor, for all of the dudes scratching their heads in the back).

This is magic
So we decided to take our relationship to the next level … PODCASTING!!

We are thrilled to announce the official parenting podcast that is the brainchild of our two brands – The Parental Advisory Podcast.

Logo Square Black PODCAST

Shit. Just. Got. Real.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • Sarcasm
  • Raw parenting anecdotes
  • Busting each other’s balls
  • Cursing
  • Crossing boundaries
  • Honesty
  • Cursing
  • Hilarity
  • Entertainment
  • Cursing

We’ll keep the shows running about an hour long – perfect for that commute or the delay at the airport.

To get the podcasts sent directly to your smartphone as soon as they go up, subscribe with the podcast player of your choice. We’re available on the following services:

Each episode will have the three of us discussing timely parenting topics – but REALLY discussing them. Not providing canned, politically correct soundbites. This isn’t The Effing View. Sometimes we will agree, sometimes we will not. But one thing you can always count on – we will ALWAYS be real as shit.

Please check out our first few episodes, share the hell out of them and stay tuned for more. You can even put some money in our swear jar if you really want to help some bloggers out and be part of our efforts for world (or at least blogosphere) domination.

After you listen, be sure to help us out BIG TIME and leave a review of the podcast on iTunes. Giving us a review helps increase our podcast’s ranking on these services, which in turns allows more people to discover the Parental Advisory podcast.

It takes two minutes, but really helps us out a lot. Just open up iTunes or Stitcher to leave a review.

Listen to Parental Advisory Podcast HERE.

Pete, Mark & Rachel