With the holidays just around the corner, and the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales even closer, you need to start thinking about what you…er…I mean, others want as gifts. So we at DaddyMindTricks.com have put together an all-in-one, comprehensive Holiday 2016 Dad Gift Guide into one place for you. Enjoy!

Holiday 2016 Dad Gift Guide

Activity Bands

2016 Dad Gift

Activity/workout bands are all the rage these days and make for great holiday gifts. The problem though is you can find basic bands for mere dollars in the budget bins. However, the accuracy and features differ greatly and in the case of these specific electronics, you get what you pay for. So this portion of the list is for the more serious workout enthusiasts because knowing the variations between the bands can mean the difference between having buyers remorse and not.

There are a lot of great sites that have comparison charts but be aware, some new bands have come out of recent and they may not be included in the reviews. For example, I almost bought a Fitbit Charge HR and then last second I saw the new Charge 2 was available and bought that one instead due to its updated features at very few dollars more. If you do a Google search, make sure to use the option to search more recent posts, however, to save you on time here is one place that has an updated comparison chart Dick’s Sporting Goods.

Smart Scale

2016 Dad Gift

So if the person you love already has a great activity band, and you know they are really into tracking their stats and fitness level, then the next logical choice is to get a Smart Scale to pair up with their band.

So what does a smart scale do, exactly? It not only measures your weight, connects to your smart phone and activity band but it also can measure you body fat, BMI, body water percentage, air quality, and heart-rate measurements. The days of blaming your pounds on water-weight bcomes a thing of the past so that you can finally face the cold, hard, truth that you’re probably consuming more calories than you should be.

Visit PC Mag as they’ve done a bang-up job putting together a simple, yet comprehensive, comparison chart with their top picks of smart scales.

Echo vs. Dot vs. Tap

Holiday 2016 gift

Amazon has burst out the gates at providing us with a device that can make our home a Smart Home. Sure, there are competing products made by Apple and Google but right now all eyes are on Amazon’s line of products. However, that’s where the confusion starts. Amazon has developed a family of products that all compete with each other yet at the same time offer distinct differences and benefits.

The people over at Android Central put together a great article about it but to sum it up they put it this way:

How do you choose?

If you want the total package — decent speaker, whole-home control, and a personal assistant, all controlled by your voice — then go with the Echo.

If you want the exact same thing, but smaller, since you already have a sweet home-audio setup, then go with the Dot. It’s definitely the best value.

If you want a portable Bluetooth speaker that can also act as a personal assistant, and you don’t mind getting up to tap it when you want to control your smart home devices, then the Tap is your bag, baby.

Smart Thermostat

Holiday 2016 gift

Definitely not the cheapest gift in the list but one that whoever receives it will undoubtedly be thankful to you for helping their home become more energy and cost efficient.

As everything is going “smart”, so does our thermostats because it alone can be a cause of wasted electricity which in turn is a waste in your budget. With these smart thermostats some can learn, over time, your preferences and routine so that it gets smarter and adapts to your lifestyle, while others can use geofencing (Software that uses GPS to determine geographical boundaries) to see your distance from home and when you are away it uses less energy and when you are closer and heading home it can gauge how long it will take to get the house to your preferred temp and get it there just before you arrive home. Think about the dollars and sense this makes for you.

If you’re interested in which one is right for you home then head over to Home Alarm Report and check out their comparisons between the leading brands.

PS4’s and Xbox One’s

Holiday 2016 gift

If you already have a PS4 let me save you some time and money and tell you that you may be better off putting your money towards a new Nintendo Switch in March, an Xbox One S now (or an Xbox Project Scorpio next year), or even put it towards becoming a part of the PC “master race” with regard to gaming options.

The reason I say all this is because there is virtually no major difference in the standard PS4 and the new PS4 slimmer version. In fact there are fewer features in that they have omitted the optical audio port as well as it’s more older, sexier design.

The new PS4 Pro that’s coming out in November has not really proven to anyone that it’s worth either the hassle of selling your older model PS4, and then putting that money towards buying the Pro version, or spending another $400 on top of what you’ve already spent on the original PS4.

If you’re itching to buy a new system, expand your horizons and buy a different brand of console, if you own a PS4 already, because there are amazing exclusives and experiences on those other brands that you won’t get on Sony’s.

Not to mention, the Xbox One S has a 4k Blu-ray player built into it, making it the cheapest 4k Blu-ray player on the market, and neither the PS4 or PS4 Pro can say they offer that feature.

4k TV’s and Proper HDR

Holiday 2016 gift

Speaking of 4k, when it comes to 4k TV’s there are unfortunately way too many variables in your lifestyle that you need to consider before settling on one. Some of those aspects are:

1) Is this primarily for movies and television or for gaming (input lag is crucial for gaming)?

2) Do you need HDR (your answer should be, “hell yeah”) and if so, does it need to be available for movies and/or gaming and which HDR do you need (yes, there are different HDR types like Dolby Vision versus HDR-10)?

3) How far will you be sitting from the TV (4k is practically rendered useless if the distance is incorrect)?

4) Do you want OLED, LCD, LED, etc?

5) How much are you willing to spend?

As you can see the age of just buying a TV that fits your desired size and budget is becoming a thing of the past. However, don’t try and do all the research yourself at attempting to decipher the code, let the professionals help you with all that. The techies over at rtings go over each and every pixel with a fine tooth comb so head on over there and see which TV is right for you

Streaming Media Players

Holiday 2016 gift

Everything is going and getting “Smart” these days and our TV’s are no different. A lot of people are still using gorgeous televisions that aren’t built with “smart” technologies into it (streaming and useful apps). Because they have become so inexpensive, they make for a perfect gift. The only problem is that there are so many where do you start?

Well the great people at SafeSmartLiving.com have put together an amazing ranked list with all the pros/cons and comparisons. Head over there now to see for yourself!

The Corkcicle Ice Whiskey Wedge

2016 Dad Gift

For the whiskey enthusiast in your life, you can’t go wrong with this. Corkcicle describes its Whiskey Wedge as, “Take the edge off with Whiskey Wedge, the artful way to perfectly chill, but not water down your favorite spirits. Designed to melt much slower than smaller traditional ice cubes, Whiskey Wedge helps retain your drink’s full flavor.”