I’ve been asked a few times about my expectations for fatherhood versus the actual reality of how everything eventually transpired, at least through the first year of first-time fatherhood.

I definitely expected the long nights, the lack of sleep. I expected to be challenged in ways that I’d never experienced before. I anticipated that my troubleshooting skills would be significantly tested as I grappled with the correct sequence to nail the cheat code to getting my crying daughter to chill out, calm down and fall asleep.

I never anticipated the struggle with emotions that rollercoaster through the opening act of first-time fatherhood.

Within moments of the confirmation that Angela delivered a perfectly healthy baby girl, it was immediate concern that I would never get to truly enjoy that process with my wife, stuck in fear and frozen in terror as I watched helplessly while she was riving in pain and wheeled away to an emergency surgery to stop her internal bleeding.

Then there was that surge of happiness and relief when Angela made it through surgery and we’d been able to spend time officially as a healthy family of three.

And then plummet back into gut-punching terror when my daughter was rushed to the emergency room on our third night back home to be tested for almost a week’s worth of  rigorous exams and blood work.

Almost a year later and I can finally chuckle a little bit over the fact that we spent that time in the hospital with her because Giuliana had a bad case of the burps.

We’ve finally reached the end of the road … well, the end of this portion of the road that is the first year of fatherhood. There’s no reward for hitting this milestone, yet it does feel like quite the accomplishment.

In a newly-minted feature for the Huffington Post, I had a chance to share some of my thoughts and observations on first-time fatherhood after a full four seasons through the odyssey.

5 Thoughts On The First Year Of Fatherhood

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5 Thoughts On The First Year Of Fatherhood

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