The beauty of the DadsLikeUs series is the hidden gems that each fellow father brings to the table as we profile the movers and shakers to find out what brings us all together.

While we all have our different approaches to being a dad, the hope is we can pick up small knowledge bombs with each feature – useful nuggets that we can apply to our own journey.

Our next fellow father in the DadsLikeUs series has been providing insight and top notch information for close to a decade (!!!).

Adam Cohen is the founder of DadaRocks, a popular dad blog that was on the scene dropping facts for dads back before Lebron James made that infamous “Decision” to take his talents to South Beach.

The talents of Cohen and his site DadaRocks shines in their ability to help dads (and moms, too) get the most up to date information on some of the best trips to take as a family and products to use for easing the struggle of parenting.

DadaRocks has featured everything from baby monitors to trips to LEGOLAND.

We were introduced to Adam from another member of the DadsLikeUs club, Christopher Lewis from DadofDivas, who mentioned interviewing Adam for this same feature.


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So, we took DadofDivas up on this recommendation to link up with DadaRocks to chat with him on DaddyMindTricks in our feature, DadsLikeUs.

Say that last sentence five times fast.

Anywho …

What follows is a conversation with this super busy dad of three about finding the time through all of the madness to appreciate the little things throughout this parenting journey.

DadsLikeUs: Adam Cohen of DadaRocks

Name: Adam Cohen
Location: Digital Service Manager
Occupation: Supporting NonProfits
Number of kids: 3
One word that best describes how you parent: Carrot

1. How do you balance fatherhood, marriage, work and social life?

Kids, Marriage, Work, Social … I used to have 5 best friends – I think I’m down to two whom I speak to once in a blue moon. Thankfully that’s all the time any of us have at this point since we all have young kids.

Work is a primary driver of life as it pays the bills … but my kids always come first.

I try to attend all of their school events … and at points in my career I’ve been lucky enough to be a work at home dad.

2. How do you recharge?

I don’t really get time to recharge alone – maybe once a month I get a full night off to myself.

More often it’s a date night with the wife.

3. Funniest moment as a dad?

I always love the moments when my children are babies/toddlers and just learning to say things and what comes out of their mouths is always a good chuckle.

4. Scariest moment as a dad?

Anytime there is a hospital involved.

5. What’s your sleep routine like?

Up at 7:30 a.m. getting my son off to school and going to be bed at 2 a.m.

6. What’s your best time-saving trick/life hack?

Takes one minute to microwave an egg 😉



7. What everyday thing are you better at than everyone else?

I get dressed really fast – usually.

8. What do you do to keep your marriage running smoothly between all of the chaos of work and fatherhood?

I think we both realize it’s daily battle and the next day is a new day.

Looking back you can see the milestones and accomplishments but planning for the future hasn’t been our strong point.

For instance, we rent an apartment (well, it’s NYC so there’s no shame in that, but discussions of the future are a serious problem for us).

9. What are you currently reading?

Reading? Who reads … I get time to look at a few websites, maybe read twitter or Facebook but books aren’t in my life right now.

10. What’s the biggest challenge/surprise that hit you since becoming a father?

That while it looks super easy it never is … it takes a ton of work to get that great picture.

It takes a ton of planning to do a family vacation. Everything is a much larger process when you’re in it than from the outside in.

11. How (if at all) has fatherhood changed you?

I’ve grown more emphatic to people with kids.

13. What’s the best advice (parenting or just life in general) you’ve ever received?

Enjoy the small stuff … cause time really does fly.

14. Where can we find you on the Interwebz (website, twitter, Facebook page, etc.)? and @dadarocks on all social media.


The DadsLikeUs series asks fellow fathers to to share their stories, advice, cautionary tales and much more. If you know a dude-turned-dad that you think should be featured here, or if you have some interesting questions you think I should ask, email us at DaddyMindTricks [at] gmail [dot] com.