How’s everything going with the PC and software?  Are you done with it?  Have you ordered the parts for your control panel?  Are you wiring yet?  If you have no idea what I’m talking about then you need to go back and read last week’s edition of D.I.Y. (Daddy It Yourself). Long story short, there are lots of things goin’ on already but this week we begin some much easier and instant gratification type things, so let’s get to work!


The marquee is just like the control panel in that you have the option to print it from a place like Game On Grafix where they’ll print your custom designs, which I opted for (pictured right), or they can provide already made graphics to choose from if you’re less design-inclined.  No matter which direction you go, everything prints to fit your specific size needed and all of this for just $30.

One option you can opt for is to have it mounted onto a piece of plexiglass but I decided to sandwich it between two pieces to keep it protected as well as save money.

The fluorescent light fixture that came with the cabinet didn’t work so instead of paying $10 for a new fixture and $10 for a bulb, I decided that since everything else in my family room had been converted to LED’s I might as well keep the trend going and ordered an 18″ strip off of for $20 (found here).  What’s nice is that I won’t feel like I’m wasting electricity/money if I want to put the marquee light on when the arcade is not in use.  Plus it won’t make the enclosed marquee box get hot, which will add longevity to the marquee itself.


For me I kept the original double blue-line bezel that came with the arcade cabinet mostly because I knew the size fit but also because it went with the Tron theme (in that it reminded me of the circuit board streets as well as the blue lines left behind from the light cycles).  

You can, however, order a custom bezel online or another option is to purchase a bezel from one of your favorite arcade games.  Remember, this is the one piece of art you’ll see the most since it’s right there in your face so you want it to either be something you love or that takes a backseat to what’s on the screen and doesn’t get too noisy or annoying for you after a while.

See, that’s it.  This week was so easy.  You know why?  Because you’re still working on the last two week’s items but get this week’s items designed and ordered because you want to have it there as soon as possible because this cabinet is making it’s way to becoming a final product.