Ok, we’re no longer children (technically) but that doesn’t mean we can’t revisit some our favorite sweets…only with a fun twist.  So when your kids are slobbering and drooling over their favorite goodies, below are some of our favorite childhood goodies that we turned into our favorite adulthood treat…boozy drinks.  Just don’t have too many that you’re the one slobbering and drooling.

1.  Bourbon on the Pop Rocks

This one is more for the Pop Rocks lover than the bourbon lover.  Empty a packet of cherry Pop Rocks into a snifter and pour your favorite bourbon over it. Close your eyes and listen to your yesteryears while tasting that of your golden years.

2.  Devil’s Booze Cake Shake

Place ½ cup broken up Snackwell’s Devil’s Food Cookie Cakes, 3 cups vanilla ice cream, and ¼ cup Smirnoff Iced Cake vodka all in a blender and mix until thick and creamy (serves 2).  Squeeze chocolate syrup around the inside of the glass, pour contents in and top with whipped cream and cocoa powder.

3.  The Bottle Cap

Mix a ½ oz Sour Puss Raspberry Liqueur (or Chambord if you can’t find Sour Puss) and a ½ oz of root beer schnapps together in a shot glass. Mix 1½ oz 7-Up and ½ oz margarita mix together in a highball glass. Drop the shot glass into the highball glass, and serve.

4.  DrumSlide

Melt down a Drumstick and separate the nuts once completely melted.  Mix the melted contents into a blender with:

– 1 oz Vodka
– 1 oz Kahlua
1 oz Baileys Irish Cream
– 1 cup Ice

Once blended either moisten the rim of the glass with a little Kahlua and roll it in the nuts that you separated or sprinkle the nuts into the drink and you have yourself a DrumSlide.

5.  Rocket Popsicle

If you ever loved the taste of getting the Rocket Popsicle from the ice cream man and found it so refreshing when it started melting, then we have your drink for you.  The only difference is that this one has alcohol and it’s virtually undetectable to the taste.  

Combine ½ oz Absolut Raspberri vodka with 1 oz sweet and sour mix to a tumbler and add ice to chill. Shake the ingredients together and pour into a glass. Pour ½ oz of grenadine syrup into the glass and allow it to sink to the bottom (pour slowly).  Next, pour ½ oz of blue curacao liqueur slowly so that it sinks to the middle of the glass and sits on top of the grenadine.  The finished product should be red at the bottom, blue in the middle and white at the top and tastes just like a Rocket Popsicle.

Are there any drinks you’d like to share that fall into the same category?  Share with us!