There’s a certainly skill involved to the art of telling perfect dad jokes. They need to be funny, but definitely not too funny. After all, it’s not really a laugh that the joke teller is looking to encourage, but rather a head shaking level of embarrassment, typically displayed by the closest of relatives.

The best dad jokes deliver a punchline with impeccable timing sure to humiliate even the proudest of wives and kids.

In our commitment to providing the best resources for fathers to be the best dads on the planet, DaddyMindTricks begins this new series where we will share the absolute cringe-worthiest dad jokes on the interwebs.


1) This one will have them scrambling for more
(H/T: Reddit user – OthelolzNZ)

How does the Flash like his eggs?

A: Runny

2) Daughter gets the best of her dad
(H/T: Reddit user – rightwrongwhatever)

5-Year Old: “Daddy, will you remember me in 5 years?
 – Dad: “Yes, dear.”
5YO: “Daddy, will you remember me in 5 months?”
 – Dad: “Of course.”
5YO: “Daddy, will you remember me in 5 minutes?”
 – Dad: “I hope so!”
5YO: “Daddy, will you remember me in 5 seconds?”
 – Dad: “Yes. Yes I will.”
5YO: “Knock, knock.”
 – Dad: “Who’s there?”
5YO: “DAD! You said you would remember me!!!”

3) Texting humor for the win
(H/T: Imgur / UhBell)

Moth Dad Joke

What are your favorite dad jokes? Share them in the comments below and we might share it in next month’s edition of The Best Jokes on the Web!