When we launched this website dedicated to providing one of the best dad blogs around and creating a community passionate and involved fathers, we set out to change the dad blog game.

This is no more apparent than the first line of our own About Page:

“This is not your normal fucking daddy blog.”
– DaddyMindTricks About Page

We take that shit seriously. The blogosphere is full of absolute worthless crap and many of our counterparts in the parenting game continue to flood the web with sponsored content that pays them to wax poetic about some fluffy baby product that keeps our kids farting rainbows all day long so mommy can be healthy and happy and fabulous.

Fuck that shit.

Our site is dedicated to offering a zero-filter approach to fatherhood in the 21st Century and providing a voice for the dads out there just trying to figure all of this out on the fly.

A great dad blog should be all about providing some entertainment, some worthwhile knowledge about being a better person (and a better parent) and even tossing in some humility to round it all out. 

It does take a village to get it all right. Which is why we scoured the web for the some of the (other) best dad blogs out there that share the common bond in trying to better the Interwebz so we can all come together as a group to get this shit right together.

FYI: For our list of Best Mom Blogs for Dads to enjoy, click HERE.

In order to be considered for our list of best dad blogs, the rules were simple: Fall in line with most of our guidelines laid out in The New Dad Order (you can read those rules HERE).

Telling a bunch of unfunny dad jokes over silly graphics and bringing absolutely nothing of substance to the conversation aside from grandstanding in front of movie posters doesn’t fit the bill.

We form an online community of dads all coming together for the common cause of raising the next generation of gamers, athletes, doctors and presidents.

Just  like our list of favorite mom blogs, this group of 5 of the best dad blogs get the job done to entertain and provide value. 

Dad and Buried

Best Dad Blogs

First time fatherhood is no joke. It’s a crazy world of trial and error … and mostly error. Mike Julianelle shares his journey as a fellow father just trying to figure it all out on the fly.

Just like us, Mike has no filter, so expect some f-bombs and shit – which is totally cool in our playbook. The best part is his stance on cultivating a judgement-free parenting zone so all dads can learn how to do this shit together. 

Dad Or Alive

Best Dad Blogs

Adrian Kulp is a self-described “unexpected stay-at-home dad.” That automatically makes him pretty awesome as a dude who understands the full-time struggle of the day-to-day daddy grind.

He provides plenty of humorous takes on fatherhood, hooks it up with some interesting interviews with fellow big-name dads, but also hits you with plenty of knowledge bombs on the parenting game.

Out With The Kids (OWTK)

Best Dad Blogs

OWTK is our kind of daddy blog. It’s not just about cute and cuddly stories of trips to the beach with the kids. The founder, Jeff Bogle, provides more in the form of entertainment, travel tips, sports, humor and value. 

Jeff Bogle is a veteran of the Daddy Blog game, he’s been in business for 10 years as of 2016. OWTK hooks up the readers with great pictures (Jeff is a photographer) and provides recipes and insight for fellow fathers looking for advice on how to survive the daddy game.  

The Daddy Files

Best Dad Blogs

Another veteran of the father blogosphere, Aaron Gouveia started The Daddy Files back in 2008 to help fill the void online for dads trying to figure out this odyssey into parenting.

In addition to parenting advice for both dads and moms, Aaron keeps it real with posts about personal struggles and tragedies – like the decision to terminate a pregnancy at 16 weeks due to a rare congenital fetal anomaly.

Fatherhood is not always about love at first sight and awesome shit that happens day in and day out, sometimes this stuff sucks and Aaron does a great job discussing some of those not-so-awesome moments. 


Best Dad Blogs

We were serious when we talked about taking a village approach to fatherhood. Jumping into this journey means sometimes looking to the wiser, more experienced veterans of the group. That’s why our friends at GetConnectDad make this list of best dad blogs. 

The ongoing series called “52 Traits We Want In Our Kids” is a weekly feature where GetConnectDad collects stories and anecdotes from fellow moms and dads to share their experiences and highlight how traits impact their parenting style. It’s a great place to learn how this game works and draw from the knowledge of other dudes just trying to figure this whole dad thing out.  

Now it’s YOUR turn. Are we missing any websites we should feature on our Best Dad Blogs from this list? Chime in below with your recommendations.