When a new baby comes into our life it’s a sudden influx of information, opinions, and products. We become at war with time and fighting the stigma that we lose our personal interests like hobbies and passionsbaby products used incorrectly

Even if it’s not our first kid we realize, once the new one arrives, that we forget a lot of things that came with a  new baby. My theory on this is that if we remembered everything from the first newborn we wouldn’t have had a second one and mankind as we know it would come to an end so it’s probably best to black certain things out.

With this sudden torrent of items and hand-me-downs comes less time for reading every little minutia of text that people call “instructions” or looking up lost manuals online.  Because of this we open ourselves up to just using things the way we ‘think’ they’re meant to be used. Either we see others doing it or those opinions, that I mentioned earlier, become gospel and we put faith into it and just go along with the other lemmings.

The problem with this is that we put our children at risk if we stop, or never start, using a product the way it’s meant to be used. In one case below, however, I hope that we aren’t using the product the way it’s advertised because it’s actually more unsafe and doesn’t promote healthy hygiene.  

If this list isn’t for you then please think about sharing it because even though you might know it all, your friends may not.by products used incorrectly

Nursery Waterbaby products used incorrectly

You may or may not ever notice this but on the gallon bottles of baby water it actually states you should boil it. The reason is that it’s not sterile but most parents buy it, use it, and never even realize they’re meant to sterilize it themselves first.

On top of that it says to refrigerate after opening yet you can read forums and forums of parents who never boiled it or refrigerated it and their kids were all fine. Now that you know, it’s your choice, what will you do? Bwahahahaha

Scooping Formulababy products used incorrectly

Speaking of baby formula. There are parents who have just made it routine to scoop the formula first into the bottle and then add the water up to the specific ounces line. That is backwards actually. You’re supposed to fill the water up to the ounces line and then add the corresponding powder to it. Otherwise, you will have too much powder per parts water and that can cause stomach aches, constipation, and other potential health issues.

12 Hour Diapersbaby products used incorrectly

There are loads of diapers that say they have “12 Hour Protection” and you should point, stare, and laugh at those as that is the biggest joke and boldface lie because if your child is drinking enough they will piss right through that in several hours and the onesie they have on will have to become the second line of defense.

If you are using one diaper for twelve hours then you are in one of two camps. You either don’t give a shit about your child’s comfort or hygiene or you cannot afford enough diapers and you need to reach out to local food shelters that offer diapers to those in need. If you are in the latter group please do not let your pride get in the way of your child’s needs.

Baby Aspirinbaby products used wrong

Baby Aspirin is NOT for babies. In fact they have changed the name to ‘Low Dose’ Aspirin because it’s dangerous to babies. However there are still places you can buy it where it’s label ‘Baby Aspirin’. People even still search online for the product under the name ‘Baby Aspirin’ and purchase it with the intent to use it for their children. So know, only give your child medicine that has been approved by their pediatrician.

Bumbo-Like Chairsbaby products used wrong

A lot of parents don’t realize you are only meant to use Bumbo-Like seats on the floor and that they’re not meant for chairs, couches, tables, counters, tubs or showers. On top of that Bumbo themselves state that it helps the baby’s posture when in fact physical therapists say that it’s actually doing the opposite. So you have been warned.

Car Seatsbaby products used wrong

A lot of people know this one but then again a lot of people don’t…so just in case. Car seats have expiration dates so that means you need to discard them after that date and not keep reusing the same one, child after child, and that it’s best not to buy it used online or at a garage sale.

Baby Carrierbaby products used wrong

We’ve discussed on DaddyMindTricks.com how the keyboard warriors attacked Ryan Reynolds for using a baby carrier wrong. It was an honest mistake and instead of being heralded for being a good father, for not being embarrassed to wear a baby carrier, was instead attacked by judgmental know-it-all’s.

That said, please read your baby carrier instructions closely and in full. In fact, many companies include YouTube pages to help with Do’s and Don’ts. Too many people use these products incorrectly which risks children falling out, damaging their body, and/or putting mom or dad in less control over their safety.

If you’re needing one that does specific positions or placements then look for a baby carrier that is made to accomplish that. Please do not try to shoehorn a use into a carrier you happened to receive as a gift or didn’t realize wasn’t intended for the use you were interested in.

Ultimately, we urge you to please read all the instructions that come with your items and check out any other resources that will help guide you in using your baby’s products correctly. It could be a matter of life or death so being one of those people who don’t read instructions isn’t “funny”.

Are there other baby products used incorrectly that we could add to this list? Are these listed items common sense and you are the best parent in the world who never judges others? Let us know in the comments below or email us at daddymindtricks [at] gmail.com.