This is not your normal fucking daddy blog.

Every clique of friends has that one dude. You know, that dude that drinks just a little too much every time you all go out and decides to say or do some crazy shit. The dude that you are a little unsure if you should invite to the next family get-together in case he decides this is the day Grandma should join him for a table dance.

Yep. We’re that drunk, inappropriate, foul-mouthed daddy blog. But we’ve got something to say (in between the curse words and fart jokes).

There’s this ongoing narrative that dads are just too career focused, too absent-minded or just too plain stupid to be effective teammates in the parenting puzzle.

Marketers target dads as being incapable of changing diapers without burning the house down. TV sitcoms display the father as the bumbling idiot that can’t watch his own kids for a day without screwing up – it makes for lots of laughs, too.

But you’re here because you know better.

You know that while some men bring this on themselves, there’s a growing movement of fathers that matter and dads that care about rolling up the sleeves and getting down and dirty to be an active part of their children’s lives and future.

This site is dedicated to the real dads that do their absolute best and strive to earn Level 42 Paladin status so they can slay dragons with one hand while triumphantly braiding their daughter’s hair to perfection in the other.

So sure, we’ll share some relevant information about daddyhood. You’ll get some doses of steaming hot takes on some of the biggest parenting news on the interwebs. But, you’ll also get a lot of fun, some storytelling, some nerdiness and sometimes … just random shit.

A few of our most popular posts include:

We are not experts at life. Just a couple of dudes that want to share our story and want to change the game for fathers. So if you are looking for a site that’s going to explain how to properly care for a colicky baby, you’re probably in the wrong place.

Instead, join us for the crazy, zany stories of a few dudes still trying to figure it all out.


About Pete Cataldo
A reformed sports media junky, Pete left his job as a television sports anchor to pursue a career in public relations. And then he realized that industry sucked even worse than the media. So it was back to the creative realm as a professional voiceover actor where he and his wife, Angela, work from their home studio in a tiny Manhattan apartment, providing a voice for commercials, documentaries and pretty much anything that requires an awesomeness. Pete also provides insight into the world of health and fitness as a certified personal trainer and nutrition coach (but he won’t get too preachy on this website, don’t worry). He's the proud daddy of newly-born daughter Giuliana.

About Mark Holden
“Poopy farts, la la la!” has been this man’s mantra since childhood (so you’re in good company).  Starting his career in radio, Mark has been an on-air personality from the big city of Tampa, FL to the small countryside of Newark, OH...with appearances on everything from television to Sirius Satellite radio.   After seeing the light, and not seeing the money, he went into marketing and promotions which led him on a journey to New York where he worked for a public relations company that represented the likes of Bobby Flay and Wolfgang Puck.  From there he and his wife moved to Ohio where they grew their family after the birth of their son, Edger.  Mark enjoys video games, sports (including NFL, NCAA, and English Premier League football), and writing music.  He's been running his own Digital Marketing company since 2012 while also being a work-at-home dad and is now excited to bring his thoughts, stories, and experiences to

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