Dear Non-Sexist Women,

With Valentine’s Day passing it got me thinking…there’s a love letter of sorts that I needed to write. Let me start with first saying, “Thank you”. Sincerely, thank you. Thank you for taking the right to vote serious. Thank you for studying diligently so that you could get a higher education. Thank you for excelling at your place of employment, working your way up the corporate ladder, and making differences as well as an income that has allowed you to be a sole provider, married or not. Thank you for not only owning land but selling it and profiting from it. Thank you for loving others. Thank you for being great moms, wives, daughters, aunts, nieces, and alike. Thank you for being you.

And thank you for not being a hypocrite and acting like it’s OK to joke that men, as a whole, are inept and bumbling idiots when you’ve been forced to fight all your life proving that women are just as capable as men in all those above areas (plus the plethora of other important life situations I didn’t mention).

See, it isn’t easy, as a human being, to be told that you aren’t as good because of what’s between your legs…but YOU know that already. So I don’t have to tell you, when I see this in my Facebook newsfeed,…

…that it angers me how some women have taken all that hard work you’ve done, gotten cocky with it, and now act like they, as a whole, are better than their counterparts. I mean, you of all people would know that even though things like this can be called “just a joke” it still means there’s truth in that women really do believe these asinine things and that the longer we all tolerate these “jokes” (that, by the way, take zero witt and brain function and only display a lazy way of trying to be funny) then the longer we as a society are going to be at odds.

I’m sure you already realize the obvious in that women would never have had all the rights they do if it wasn’t for men, who were already in charge and/or had influential power, standing up and voicing their disdain for the oppressive, uneducated, sexist state of conditions during Women’s Suffrage. So needless to say you already realize that in order for men to not be portrayed as bad fathers and idiot-husbands everywhere, just because they own a penis, it’s going to take your voice to shut down this disrespectful rhetoric. Partially because we men will just look like whiners, rather than fellow human beings with feelings, emotions, and rights, but mainly because YOU have the power.

So my question to you is this: What are you going to do with that power now that you’ve got it?

a man