We don’t pretend to know it all here at DaddyMindTricks. But we do know a few things about a few things – namely, how to be pretty fantastic fathers in the 21st Century. We’ve shared our general rules for succeeding as a new dad that actually commits to stepping up and getting involved, but it’s time to share more.

In our quest to help our readers succeed at life, liberty and the pursuit of awesomeness, it’s time to share our rules for general living. We’ll set you up with tips on productivity and time management, some business stuff, succeeding in relationships, a little of fitness and nutrition and then toss in some general awesome life stuff.

They are personalized, and you may have some qualms or additions to make it your own. But, if you stick to most of the guidelines on this list of rules to live by, you’ll probably be ready to crush life like a Jedi Master.

50 Rules to Live By

1. Lift heavy things a few times per week.

2. Learn to cook a little more.

3. Shop on the outside walls of the grocery store.
In other words, eat more produce and less pre-produced, sugary, chemically-laden over-hyped commercial crap.

4. Learn to fix a few things around the house.

45 Rules to Live By

5. Get in the best shape of your life at least once.
Test yourself to see what you can do. Follow our tips for direction on how to do just that.

6. Have an opinion.
Don’t be so wishy washy on issues that you are apathetic. That’s for losers.

7. Understand that no one cares about your opinion.
In other words: don’t be an asshole.

8. Stop oversharing on social media.

9. Be well-informed.
Know a few things that happen in the world today outside of your social bubble.

10. Avoid TV News.50 Rules to Live ByI used to work in the business. I can tell you unequivocally, it is terrible and full of nothing but bullshit – yes, that includes both the liberal-leaning and the conservative-leaning crap on the airwaves.

11. Read more books. Always be reading.
Here’s a list of books to get you started.

12. If you’re the smartest man in the room, you’re in the wrong room.
Find some better surroundings and educate yourself.

13. Never go to bed angry at your partner or spouse.

14. Say “I love you” more often.50 Rules to Live ByIn fact, just drop it in randomly from time-to-time to let your loved ones know their worth to you.

15. Don’t be too big of a pussy to tell your boys that you love them.

16. Ask more than answer.
Don’t swallow up a conversation with your boring ass life.

17. Don’t give up on chasing goals and living an awesome life.

Watch this speech from Jim Valvano on the regular.

18. Learn to listen.
We spend too much time reacting and try to steal the show.

19. Learn how to throw a proper punch.

20. Don’t hit someone unless they are a threat to you.

21. This …

Perhaps the best commencement speech in the history of commencement speeches.

22. Cleanse your life from the unnecessary bullshit.
That includes high maintenance clutter and high maintenance friends, too.

23. Finish strong.
Stop starting new things and finish the things you’ve had on your list for far too long.

24. Take action. Now.Rules to Live By
Don’t develop the “Monday mindset” to start the new diet, business, project [insert whatever here]. Get off your ass and do something now.

25. Get a little better each day.
It can be one more rep, set, step, email, hug or whatever goal you set, just strive to do it a little bit better than you did the day prior.

26. Ask for forgiveness and not permission.

27. Understand how much time is worth to you.
Then make no exceptions. Time really is our most limited resource. Don’t ever waste it with things that don’t move you closer to your goals – both professional and personal.

28. Find a good mentor.

29. We don’t care how busy you are.
We’re all busy. We’re all overworked. Our kids all zap too much of our time. Stop trying to win the harder worker award.

30. Don’t worry about the haters.

31. Find your 1,000 true fans.

32. This …
Rules to Live By33. Dick pics are for fucking losers. 

34. Don’t live in debt, dude.
Learn to live within your means and research how to set aside some cashflow for a rainy day and eventual retirement.

35. Truly live the mantra of “bros before hoes.”
Dudes don’t date the former dates of other dudes. If she’s been with your boy, she’s off limits. Don’t break up friendships for that shit. By that same token, if you are still actually using this phrase and calling women “hoes,” go fuck yourself.

36. Tip more than the calculator app says.

37. Take more pictures.

Enjoy the moments. But stop taking so many damn selfies. And if you do the damn duck face, don’t ever come back to this website.

38. Always carry some cash. Comes in handy.

39. Buy a suit. Have it fitted. Now stay that size.

40. Wake up 15 minutes earlier.
Accomplish one of the big items off your list before the day even gets started.

41. Say thank you more often.gratefulBe thankful for the greatness of a life lived and less miserable for what you still want.

42. Find better date ideas.
First dates at the movies are lame … and she knows it. Here are some ideas to get you started.

43. Go 30 days without porn or masturbation.
You know, have real sex for a change.

44. Once a year, take a few weeks off from alcohol altogether just to see how life is lived as a sober person.

45. Vote.
Thousands of men and women have sacrificed and given their lives for the right to exercise your freedom to vote. Get involved in the democratic process and do your civic duty to be a contributing member. Don’t know the issues? Go back and read Rule No. 9.

46. Try new things.
Make it a point to try something, anything, new at least once a week. A new food. A new route home from work. A new TV show. Shit, just try out a new sex position. Just don’t live life like a boring asshole. Experience things and don’t be so afraid to make it happen.

47. Stop hitting the snooze button.
Rules to Live By

48. Share more often.
Don’t be some buttoned up asshole that is never cool with talking about your feelings and fears and emotions. Be open to being more of an open book from time to time. Your wife and kids will appreciate you more for doing so.

49. Pick up the phone and call.
In our text message driven society, we’ve become mental midgets whenever the phone actually rings and we have to (gasp!) talk to a real life human being. Don’t be that guy. Have some real conversations over the phone with the loved ones every once in a while – anything more than just an emoji text.

50. And finally … THIS:

Rules to Live By

Now it’s YOUR turn. What am I missing from this list of Rules to Live By? Drop a comment below and tell me what rules you live by in everyday life. 


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